da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Take a dive into
the beauty of Capri

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Beach Club Capri

Crystalline water, impeccable cuisine, and the warm Mediterranean sun...right below the iconic Faraglioni:
Da Luigi is one of the most exclusive beach clubs on Italy's island of Capri.
Whiling away the day at Da Luigi is the perfect way to savor Capri's uniquely glamorous and magical atmosphere, surrounded by the island's beautiful coastline and sea.
If you want to experience a true Capri summer, Da Luigi is the only place to be!

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Spend the day at Da Luigi

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind view of the Faraglioni...
Swim in the clear turquoise water...
Sample fresh island fish and seafood...


Beach club: 9:00am - 6.30pm

Restaurant: noon - 5pm

Bar: 9:00am - 6.30pm


No other beach club or restaurant on Capri can boast the unforgettable location of Da Luigi Ai Faraglioni.
We are directly beneath the towering Faraglioni rock formations in a tiny cove on the southern coast of Capri.
You can reach our location on foot in just 30 minutes. Begin by taking the "red carpet" walk across the Piazzetta to the Tragara scenic overlook, and then walk down through the pine woods to the water's edge.
You can also take the convenient boat shuttle from Marina Piccola that departs from the Canzone del Mare pier. Just ask!